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The Best Geothermal Blog in the Universe


Welcome to the best geothermal blog in the entire universe! And, for today at least, it is also the newest blog about geothermal heat pumps in the entire universe.


I guess there could be some alien blogging at exactly this point somewhere else in our galaxy. I doubt he’s going to write in English, so that means it doesn’t count.


The Best Geothermal Blog and You!

You might be wondering what exactly this blog, one of millions on the Grand Interwebs of Earth, is going to offer you, the average consumer. A quite rightful quandary.


Our mission is educational. Yes, obviously, we want to sell you a geothermal heat pump. If you send me money right now, I’ll have a unit shipped to you before the Sun sets on the morrow.


But that’s not our main focus here.


Like I said before, our main focus is educational. We sell geothermal heat pumps, because we believe they are the best modern solution to non-renewable energy problems. These units heat in winter, cool in summer, and operate energy efficiently all year long. They’re an ideal tool to maintain the interior air comfort we all know and love when our fossil fuel resources (eventually) run out.


And they will you know. That’s why they’re called non-renewable.


The Future of the Best Geothermal Blog

Okay, fine!


We’re not actually calling it ‘The Best Geothermal Blog.’ It’s actually called ‘Geo Wisdom’, and I’m sure you’re clever enough to figure out why.


In the coming days, weeks, and months we will dispense our hard earned geothermal heat pump expertise. Hopefully, it will inspire some of you to jump on the renewable energy air comfort bandwagon.


It’s renewable, so there’s plenty of room.


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