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Humidity Control the GeoCool Way


Humidity control is something too many people don’t have in their life. Their house is either way too humid or way too dry. Both of these are bad things. Fortunately, GeoCool’s next-generation humidity control technology will help you solve these problems.




Superior Humidity Control with GeoCool


Let’s talk about conventional HVAC and humidity.


You may not know this, but the machine that led to the modern air conditioner was not designed to keep people cool. It was not, in fact, designed for people at all. The first real air conditioner was designed to reduce the humidity in a paper storage warehouse.


It did this job very, very well. It was only after the dehumidification machine was running that its creators realized it could modify interior temperature. One thing led to another, and eventually our modern world emerged.


But Enough Humidity Control History


Every modern air conditioner or heat pump is going to automatically eliminate humidity in your home. This is a good thing, since most people don’t worry about too little moisture┬áin summer.


The problem with regular HVAC dehumidification is that they’re very much a one-size-fits-all approach. This will work fine for many people, but regions with particularly high humidity may find even a properly sized unit doesn’t dehumidify enough.


A GeoCool geothermal heat pump with our next-gen humidity control technology solves this problem completely.


A Personalized Solution


Our latest GeoCool geothermal heat pump uses a sophisticated humidistat sensor to ensure you’re right in your Goldilocks Comfort Zone. The sensor constantly monitors interior humidity. After completing its normal operating cycle to cool your home in hot weather, the unit will check humidity levels. If the level is determined to be too high, the unit will activate its dehumidification mode.


This mode does not greatly affect the interior temperature level. Instead, the GeoCool unit operates on a lower cycle to steadily remove excess moisture from the interior air. This allows you to set the thermostat to your desired level without having to worry about humidity.


Basically, next-gen humidity control is just one more reason why a GeoCool geothermal heat pump is a superior solution for your tough home heating and cooling problems.