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Geothermal Hot Water Saves Moolah


Geothermal hot water is a real thing, folks. I’m not just talking about water-to-water or open loop installations. A good desuperheater can help you save money by cutting out your conventional water heater.


Geothermal Hot Water & How to Get It


Old-fashioned tank water heaters give you warm water for bathing, dish washing, laundry and more. Unfortunately, they are not the best way to reduce your home energy use.


Tank heaters rely on electric or gas power to heat water and keep it that way. This is good most of the time. It’s not that great when they keep gallons and gallons of water hot and ready for immediate use when you don’t need it or are away on vacation. For a long time this was the most our technology could manage. It definitely works, but it is very wasteful when it comes to your finances and your carbon footprint.


Of course, the solution is geothermal!


You can save money and energy by installing a desuperheater with your geothermal heat pump. A desuperheater is a small heat exchanger that can tap the excess heat from the heat pump’s normal operating cycle to warm water. The best time for this operation is during summer when the geothermal heat pump is taking a lot of heat out of your home to keep it cool. The desuperheater just puts that into water. This can greatly reduce how much you have to depend on a brute force water heater during late spring, summer, and early fall.


The downside of the desuperheater is that it does not work as efficiently when the geothermal heat pump isn’t already generating heat as a byproduct. Despite this mild drawback, a desuperheater is a solid and relatively inexpensive way to help manage shrink your energy costs.  They  will slightly increase the cost of your geothermal heat pump purchase and installation, but the savings will be worth it for many homeowners.