geothermal dehumidification

Superior Geothermal Dehumidification


Let’s get one thing straight – too much humidity sucks. Now, obviously, you need some humidity. Unless you live in an actual desert this isn’t an issue for most homeowners. What you want is the right amount of humidity, and our new geothermal dehumidification technology can help you get that.


Allow me to explain.


GeoCool Geothermal Dehumidification


Ye olde conventional air conditioner will dehumidify. So will a geothermal heat pump or an air-source heat pump. All these HVAC systems yank water out of the air as a normal part of their operating cycle. Many homeowners can run their A/C and not worry too much about excess humidity.


Unfortunately, this isn’t enough for everyone. People living in super humid areas of the country often find a normal HVAC operating cycle isn’t enough to get their interior humidity to a desirable level.


What can they do?


Conventional Dehumidification


There are dedicated dehumidifiers on the market that do a fine job reducing excess humidity. Of course, using one of these systems means you have to buy and operate a unit that does nothing else.


Wouldn’t it be great if the HVAC system you have already installed could take care of all that excess water?


It would, so let me introduce you to GeoCool’s superior dehumidification technology. Our latest line of dual stage geothermal heat pumps is fitted with a special dehumidification sensor. When the sensor detects uncomfortably high interior humidity, your geothermal heat pump will remove it automatically.


Basically, the sensor instructs the unit to operate at lower capacity and on a lower fan speed. This might normally not produce the amount of cooling comfort you want, but this running cycle isn’t designed for cooling. The lower setting means the unit will run longer, cool a bit, but remove humidity at a constant rate throughout that cycle.


This is a good thing. Less humidity will mean your house feels more comfortable and you don’t have to set the thermostat lower to get there.


Someday you might wonder how you ever made it through a long hot summer without geothermal dehumidification.


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  1. Thanks for sharing great tips. Keeping a good condition of humidity and moisture is very important to our health.

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