2 stage geothermal heat pump

Our 2 Stage Geothermal Heat Pump


Two is better than one, right? Yes, of course, two is better than one. Unless you’re talking about diseases, then you only want one, but I digress. When it comes to compressor operating stages, two is definitely better than one. Which brings me to our newest product: the GeoCool 2 stage geothermal heat pump!


GeoCool 2 Stage Geothermal Heat Pump


“Great,” you say, “but so what? Why is a 2 stage geothermal heat pump better than a single stage unit?”


And I will say to you, “Good question, beloved reader.”


A compressor is the figurative heart of pretty much every modern HVAC system on the market. It’s the component responsible for pushing the coolant through the coils. The coolant is what lets the unit move heat around, so being able to push that coolant is very important.


Now, let’s talk about compressor failure.


The Perils of Rapid Start-Stop Operation


The less you use something, the longer it will last, right?


Not necessarily. You’ll use a pen up faster the more you use it, but HVAC compressors don’t work quite the same way. In fact, a compressor experiences the most friction and the greatest potential for wear-and-tear when it starts and when it stops.


Which is why 2 stage geothermal heat pumps are a better long term value than only single stage systems. Basically, the 2 stage geothermal heat pump can operate a single stage at a lower capacity over a longer period of time to minimize how often it will have to start and stop. If it really needs extra ‘oomph’, it can bring in the second stage as needed.


This might seem like it’s not a big deal, but it really is. A 2 stage geothermal heat pump, like our newest GeoCool model, will last longer than a similarly sized single stage system.


I told you two was better than one.


One thought on “Our 2 Stage Geothermal Heat Pump”

  1. I am replacing my old conventional down flow AC and I would like to replace it with a 2 stage unit. Does geocool offer a two stage down flow unit?

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