HVAC Safety

Home HVAC Safety


How often do you think about HVAC safety?


Probably not as much as you should. HVAC systems are an essential modern luxury, but they are not toys. If you want a 100% safe home HVAC system, you need a geothermal heat pump.


And I say that with (totally) 100% zero bias.


Real Home HVAC Safety with Geothermal


Geothermal blah, blah. Before I talk for a couple hundred words about how awesome geothermal heat pumps are, let’s talk about HVAC safety (or the lack thereof).


So, how could an HVAC system totally kill you dead?


Explosions! Lots & Lots of Them


Some home HVAC systems can, well, explode. An old furnace isn’t exactly a ticking time bomb, but it isn’t a toaster either. Gas appliances rely on a highly combustible fuel to do their job. Sometimes things just go wrong, but don’t just take my word for it.


You know what home HVAC system will never explode? A geothermal heat pump.


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning & You!


Gas is a terrific energy source. It can provide a lot of heat in a very cold winter. A poorly maintained gas furnace can also be a great way to die from carbon monoxide poisoning.


Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that will kill you deader than disco. It doesn’t get much deader than that.


You know what home HVAC system won’t kill you with carbon monoxide? Why, a geothermal heat pump, of course!


Fire & Why It’s Bad


With a few exceptions, you don’t want a fire inside your house. Fire has a tendency to spread unpredictably. This can lead to all sorts of inconveniences like singed eyebrows and an unplanned couch bonfire.


Any home HVAC system that relies on gas or direct electric heat can cause a fire. Yes, most systems are designed with fail safes to prevent that, but nothing is 100%.


Guess what home HVAC system won’t burn your house down? If you guessed geothermal heat pump, you’re right.


True HVAC Safety


So when it comes to protecting the biggest investment of your life (i.e. – your home), you’re only ultimately safe with a geothermal heat pump. Because all other HVAC system are trying to murder you.




2 thoughts on “Home HVAC Safety”

  1. Though I would agree that HVAC systems aren’t really like ticking time bombs but yes, carbon monoxide is quite a dangerous thing and it happens!
    Many of these stuff can be prevented with regular maintenance efforts. Can’t they?
    But using geo thermal HVAC system can spare a consumer from all such worries. I can’t think of leaving the kids alone at home after reading this. Seriously.
    Also, it is environment friendly. Isn’t it?

    1. Yes, most HVAC systems are quite safe as long as you keep up regular maintenance. We might have exaggerated for the sake of humor. Maybe.

      And, yes, you’re correct that geothermal heat pumps are very eco-friendly. They don’t rely on fossil fuels and they’re way more efficient than an electric furnace.

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