geothermal season

Geothermal Season 2015!


Hooray! Geothermal season 2015 has finally arrived!


Right now you’re probably saying to yourself, “What are you talking about, mad man?”


Fair question. Summer is over and Fall temperatures are well on the way for a lot of the country. That means it is prime time to install a geothermal heat pump in the United States. As such, I can only assume that’s exactly what you’re preparing to do  as we speak.


You are, right? C’mon you wouldn’t want to disappoint me in geothermal season would you?


Maybe you just don’t know what’s in it for you.


Why You Should Install a GHP in Geothermal Season 2015


There are about a dozen points I could mention to persuade you to install a geothermal heat pump. I could talk about all the money you will save thanks to increased energy efficiency. I could mention how ground-source units can reduce your home’s carbon footprint. I could even direct you to substantial Federal tax credits available until 31 December 2016.


I could do all of those things, but I won’t.


The only thing that really matters to most people when we talk about home heating and cooling is comfort.


Geothermal Comfort in Every Season


So, yeah, comfort is awesome. People have air conditioners and furnaces, because sweating and freezing suck. You probably already know a geothermal heat pump can deliver heat in winter and cool air in summer, but how does a GHP stack up when it comes to raw comfort?


Very well, I am happy to report. A properly sized ground-source system will deliver the same or better air quality than a similarly sized air conditioner or furnace. All other things being equal, there is absolutely zero difference and nothing to lose.


Well, I guess you will lose somethings with geothermal. You’ll lose a few digits off your annual utility bill. And you’ll miss the costly repairs you might encounter with inferior technology. There’s that I guess.


So, hey, do the right this in geothermal season 1015 and upgrade your home comfort.


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