geothermal heat pump technology matters

Geothermal Heat Pump Technology Matters


Do you think geothermal heat pump technology matters?


Let’s be real. If you’re an average American (i.e. – not in the HVAC business), you probably never thought much about geothermal heat pumps. Most people don’t spend a lot of hard time thinking about the ups and downs of this or that HVAC industry innovation.


It’s hard to blame them. Heating and air isn’t the most user-friendly field. There aren’t a lot of stylish, sexy things to get excited about or post to Pinterest.


We’re trying to change that, but, for now, baby steps.


How Geothermal Heat Pump Technology Matters & Why

International oil prices are low, the fracking industry promises U.S. energy independence for the first time since the end of World War 2,  and vast North American natural gas reserves remain untapped. Surely, low cost energy is here to stay.




Despite recent developments, world demand for energy continues growing. As demand increases and supply diminishes, market forces will push prices higher and higher. U.S. energy companies will export their product when the price is right.


And the price will definitely be right.


The only practical solution is superior energy efficiency – getting more from less. There’s good news on this front. While American energy demand has risen steadily decade after decade our efficient use of energy has increased. We spend less on energy today in per dollar of GDP than we did in 1970.


However, more will need to be done, but what does that have to do with whether or not geothermal heat pump technology matters?


Geothermal Heat Pumps

There are a lot of ways we can increase American domestic energy intensity. In our opinion, one of the best is with geothermal heat pump technology.


Virtually every household in the country relies on modern heating and cooling. Most use a conventional air conditioner or air-source heat pump for summer relief, then switch to a gas furnace or boiler when winter temperatures drop. Geothermal heat pumps can both heat and cool, and they can do so very energy efficiently.


A geothermal heat pump relies on heat buried within the Earth’s crust to boost operating energy efficiency. It draws heat from this source to provide warmth in winter, then draws heat from your home in summer and deposits it back underground. The subterranean environment varies very little no matter how hot or cold it is, so a geothermal heat pump can operate at a high efficiency every single day of the year.


It is said that you can be sure of two things: death and taxes. You can also be sure that energy costs will increase alongside increasing global energy consumption. Geothermal heat pumps are a great way to improve American energy intensity, save money, and still enjoy great home air comfort.


And that is exactly why geothermal heat pump technology matters.


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