geothermal heat pump environmental impact

Geothermal Heat Pump Environmental Impact


You’re trying to do right by the environment, but you also want modern heating and cooling. You’ve thought about geothermal heat pumps, but you still have questions.┬áThese systems obviously interact with the ecosystem in some way, but what is the real geothermal heat pump environmental impact?


Are they truly ‘green-tech’ or is that all a load of guff?


Geothermal Heat Pump Environmental Impact in Brief


Sweating while you exercise is great. Sweating while you’re trying to go to sleep or help the kids with their homework is not. Improving┬áthe environment is one thing, but being absolutely miserable in your own home is quite another.


Unfortunately, our home comfort has a major impact on the environment. Many households spend as much as 70% of their monthly electricity consumption on their HVAC system. Which means that 70% of the fossil fuels burned for that household went to keeping them comfy.


Of course, since you’re here, you know that all is not lost. Geothermal heat pumps offer a way to maintain the heating and cooling comfort you desire while you reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.


Or that’s the line you hear from geothermal heat pump promoters like us. Is it actually true?


Are geothermal heat pumps really that green?


Fortunately, the answer is a resounding, “Yes.”


Geothermal heat pumps are an excellent way to reduce your own environmental impact while you stay comfortable. Just about every home in the country would reduce their energy consumption if they made they switch. Some would save as much as 70-80% of the electricity they use on a monthly basis.


70-80% is a lot and, admittedly, is a best case scenario.


Let’s be more conservative. Let’s say the average homeowner would only save half that – around 40%. Can you imagine the geothermal heat pump environmental impact if we could reduce the emissions of half the households in the U.S. by 40%?


Talk about massive.


And, yes, geothermal heat pumps do require electricity. Burning fossil fuels to power geothermal is still ‘dirty’. However, unlike natural gas furnaces or fuel oil boilers, geothermal heat pumps do not require fossil fuels. Nuclear, solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy will all power geothermal heat pumps just as efficiently as coal or oil.


If we want to reach a green future, geothermal heat pumps offer a legitimate fast lane.


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