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Do You Really Know Geothermal?


A lot of people think they know geothermal heat pumps. They’re the HVAC thing a friend of a friend installed to save a lot of money. Supposedly. But you know better. You know nothing could be that good.




So, You Don’t Know Geothermal!


Prepare for some education.


Your friend of a friend probably did save a lot of money. On average, geothermal heat pumps save homeowners enough money to recoup their installation costs in as little as 5 years.


That’s not something we just made up. Those stats come from the United States Department of Energy who, we trust, know geothermal a bit better than the average bear.


Or person. Whatever.


So, who doesn’t want to save money? The less you pay your utility company on heating and cooling the more you have to spend on important stuff like Fantasy Football leagues and movie popcorn.


Saving Isn’t Everything


Hey, saving money is great, but you shouldn’t buy a geothermal heat pump just to save money. Fortunately, there are other reasons.


Let’s get right down to reality. The reason everyone wants a good air conditioner or furnace is to stay comfortable. Sweating sucks and freezing isn’t any better. Does a geothermal heat pump stack up to conventional HVAC systems where it really matters?


Fortunately for our financial future, the answer is yes.


Geothermal heat pumps deliver great air comfort. The buried loop network will cool you as effectively as any good old fashioned air conditioner no matter how hot it gets outside. When winter comes around, a geothermal unit delivers the kind of heat you’d expect from a traditional gas furnace. Plus, they doesn’t suffer from the efficiency fluctuations you get with an air-source heat pump.


The Best of All Worlds?


We know geothermal, and that’s why we think these systems are truly the best way to keep your home comfortable. If you get to know geothermal, we’re certain you’ll agree.


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