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geothermal heat pump environmental impact

Geothermal Heat Pump Environmental Impact

  You’re trying to do right by the environment, but you also want modern heating and cooling. You’ve thought about geothermal heat pumps, but you still have questions. These systems obviously interact with the ecosystem in some way, but what is the real geothermal heat pump environmental impact?   Are they truly ‘green-tech’ or is that…
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geothermal heat pump financial benefits

Geothermal Heat Pump Financial Benefits

  Are you interested in geothermal heat pump financial benefits?   Hold on. Let’s start over. If you don’t want to save money, raise your hand. Okay, no one. Now that we’ve got that settled, we can move on.   Geothermal Heat Pump Financial Benefits & You!   Let’s start with a simple question: How many times do you…
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what are geothermal heat pumps

What Are Geothermal Heat Pumps Anyway?

  You know you need a new HVAC system. Obviously, you head to Google to start searching. You come across some air conditioners and heat pumps and…geothermal heat pumps? What are geothermal heat pumps?   Don’t worry. Your friends here at GeoCool know exactly what geothermal heat pumps are, what they do, and how best…
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geothermal tax credit

Grab Your Geothermal Tax Credit Before It’s Gone

  Have you claimed your geothermal tax credit yet? No? If you’ve installed a geothermal heat pump recently or plan to in the future, you better get on it. The credit won’t last forever.   30% Geothermal Tax Credit for Purchase & Installation   Okay, what are we talking about?   The Energy Improvement and Extension Act…
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brief geothermal heat pump history

An Admittedly Brief Geothermal Heat Pump History

  Geothermal heat pumps are great, but do they have a history of reliability and performance? We could just say, “Yep.” That’s kind of unsatisfying though. What would be better is if we gave you a brief geothermal heat pump history lesson.   So, let’s do that.   Your Brief Geothermal Heat Pump History Lesson…
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geothermal horizontal vs vertical loops

Geosource Installation: Geothermal Horizontal vs Vertical Loops

  You’re thinking about a geothermal heat pump, but you’ve got questions. When it comes to geothermal horizontal vs vertical loops is there a difference? Is one better than the other?   Let’s dive in.   Geothermal Horizontal vs Vertical Loops Horizontal Geothermal Heat Pump Installation   The most common geothermal heat pump installation is…
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geothermal heat pumps beat conventional HVAC

5 Reasons Geothermal Heat Pumps Beat Conventional HVAC

  Lots of industry insiders are talking about how geothermal is the best bet in home central heating and air. When it comes right down to it, do geothermal heat pumps beat conventional HVAC systems by enough to matter? Are they really that much more efficient? Is it worth your money to make the switch?  …
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geothermal heat pump technology matters

Geothermal Heat Pump Technology Matters

  Do you think geothermal heat pump technology matters?   Let’s be real. If you’re an average American (i.e. – not in the HVAC business), you probably never thought much about geothermal heat pumps. Most people don’t spend a lot of hard time thinking about the ups and downs of this or that HVAC industry innovation….
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best geothermal blog

The Best Geothermal Blog in the Universe

  Welcome to the best geothermal blog in the entire universe! And, for today at least, it is also the newest blog about geothermal heat pumps in the entire universe.   I guess there could be some alien blogging at exactly this point somewhere else in our galaxy. I doubt he’s going to write in…
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