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geothermal federal tax credit

Geothermal Federal Tax Credit Expires on December 31!

  The 30% geothermal federal tax credit expires on the 31st of December, 2016. That means this year. That means you don’t have a lot more time to get your GeoCool unit ordered and installed!   Geothermal Federal Tax Credit & You!   Hopefully you already know all about the 30% geothermal federal tax credit…
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measuring geothermal heat pump efficiency

Measuring Geothermal Heat Pump Efficiency

  Measuring geothermal heat pump efficiency is easy for industry veterans, but most homeowners don’t fit that description. When you aren’t versed in the latest industry jargon it can be difficult to figure out where or how one system might outperform another. Like any other specialized industry with decades of history, the geothermal HVAC business…
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geothermal heat pump installation

Geothermal Heat Pump Installation for Fun & Profit!

  Geothermal heat pump installation is the biggest HVAC project any homeowner can undertake. Not only are they just as complicated as regular heating and air units, but the earthwork adds, no pun intended, a whole new layer of potential problems.   Should you still install one? Is it going to be worth it? What…
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GeoCool warranty protection

GeoCool Warranty Protection Lasts

  A GeoCool geothermal heat pump is an investment in your energy future. Our systems are not for the faint of heart – we’re not selling cheap and easy solutions. The core of our product is sustained energy savings over years of operation. When you install a geothermal heat pump, you want to ensure you get…
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geothermal hot water

Geothermal Hot Water Saves Moolah

  Geothermal hot water is a real thing, folks. I’m not just talking about water-to-water or open loop installations. A good desuperheater can help you save money by cutting out your conventional water heater.   Geothermal Hot Water & How to Get It   Old-fashioned tank water heaters give you warm water for bathing, dish washing,…
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geothermal longevity

Geothermal Longevity is Real

You’re interested in ground source technology, but you don’t know anything about geothermal longevity. Will these units last for years or will you be lucky if you get a few months of operation?   Geothermal Longevity Extends for Decades   If you make a substantial financial investment in technology for your home, you want to…
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humidity control

Humidity Control the GeoCool Way

  Humidity control is something too many people don’t have in their life. Their house is either way too humid or way too dry. Both of these are bad things. Fortunately, GeoCool’s next-generation humidity control technology will help you solve these problems.   Forever.   Superior Humidity Control with GeoCool   Let’s talk about conventional…
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geothermal heat pump facts

Geothermal Heat Pump Facts

  It can be hard to sort truth from fiction these days. People are very adept at using statistics and PhotoShop to make even the most ridiculous statement seem authentic. Well, here are some 100% true geothermal heat pump facts you can count on.   Real Geothermal Heat Pump Facts   First, what are geothermal…
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air-source versus geothermal

Air-Source Versus Geothermal Heat Pump in an Epic Battle!

  Air-source versus geothermal in an fight to the death!   Okay, not really. Obviously, inanimate HVAC units can’t literally battle one another, but a comparison between conventional air-source heat pumps and geothermal can be done.   So, let’s do that.   Air-Source Versus Geothermal – A Clash of Titans!   First, what’s the difference…
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DIY geothermal

DIY Geothermal – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

  You’re a ‘do-it-yourselfer‘. You do your own plumbing, home improvements, and even change the oil in your car. You’re interested in geothermal heat pumps. Obviously, a DIY geothermal install would save you money, but is it a good idea? Should you attempt it or are geothermal heat pumps just too complicated for even gifted amateurs?…
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