geothermal heat pumps beat conventional HVAC

5 Reasons Geothermal Heat Pumps Beat Conventional HVAC


Lots of industry insiders are talking about how geothermal is the best bet in home central heating and air. When it comes right down to it, do geothermal heat pumps beat conventional HVAC systems by enough to matter? Are they really that much more efficient? Is it worth your money to make the switch?


Yes! 5 Reasons Geothermal Heat Pumps Beat Conventional HVAC

#1. Permanent Stability

Stable, subsurface temperatures allow geothermal heat pumps to produce more heating and cooling output than the their energy input. Even better, this stability allows a geothermal unit to deliver consistent air comfort in virtually any weather conditions.


No matter how cold it gets outside, geothermal heat pumps beat conventional HVAC when it comes to seasonal stability.


#2. Operating Life

No one actually knows how long a geothermal closed loop will last. Why is that?


Mainly, because we haven’t been testing the loops for enough decades. Some of the oldest geothermal heat pump loops still function even after being used for 50 years.


The surface equipment is unlikely to last s half century, but the durability inherent to the installation means any replacements or upgrades are hugely discounted. Your old fashioned air conditioner isn’t going to get anywhere close. Which is why that’s the #2 reason geothermal heat pumps beat conventional HVAC.


#3. Tax Rebate

There was a lot of stuff in the 2009 American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. There was even a little bit about renewable energy systems, and that includes geothermal heat pumps.


Basically, if you purchase and install a new geothermal heat pump that meets government guidelines before 31st December 2016, you can qualify for a major rebate on your income tax. How major?


Homeowners can claim up to 30% of the purchase and installation cost of the unit on their taxes. That can add up to quite a few pennies, and is one more reason geothermal heat pumps beat conventional HVAC.


#4. Green Tech

Going Green is all the rage these days. There isn’t an HVAC solution greener than a geothermal heat pump. The energy efficiency alone makes them better than just about any other system.


Depending on your installation, you have either almost zero emissions from run off or the system uses R-410A non-ozone depleting refrigerant. Either solution shrinks the impact of your environmental footprint.


Saving the environment and going green is another way geothermal heat pumps beat conventional HVAC.


#5. Save Money

US Department of Energy studies show a geothermal heat pump can reduce an energy bill by up to 70%.  Plus, most new owners pay off the installation cost of their geothermal heat pump in 5 to 10 years.


Some do it in as little as 3. The more expensive your local electricity, the more you could save year after year after year.


Do you like saving money? Yeah, you do, and that’s the best reason geothermal heat pumps beat conventional HVAC.


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